Our Approach

LeadInvent Pharma is exploring the power of nanotechnology to improve existing drugs through nano formulation and matching the right drug to right patient opening .


Meet the Team

LeadInvent Pharma is founded by a team of scientists, industry veterans, top academic experts and seasoned entrepreneurs from IIT Delhi and Harvard Medical School who collectively bringing over 100 man year experience in drug development and pharma science. LeadInvent Pharma has a strong scientific advisory board that seamlessly ties in expertise ranging from clinical science to lab research to biopharma translational expertise to regulatory insights.


Pradip Bhatnagar (Ph.D)


Ex-President Daiichi Sankyo (India), earlier Ranbaxy Drug Discovery acquired by Daiichi Sankyo (Japan).  A veteran with over 30 years of drug discovery experience across Ranbaxy (India), GSK (US), Nycomed (Norway), SmithKlineBeecham (US).


Pankaj Sharma

Managing Director

Ex-CEO LeadInvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ex-scientist at Supercomputing facility for Computational biology, IIT Delhi. Over 14 years of drug discovery experience across cancer, neural disorders and infective disease.


Surojit Bose


Managed operation and finance at LeadInvent Tech for past 9 years. Ex-scientist Supercomputer facility for Computational Biology.Deep operational experience in project management and financial planning.

Meet the Advisors

LeadInvent Pharma advisory board consists of leading experts from the field of science such as nanotechnology, clinical science, cancer biology, hormone therapy and business strategy which includes experts heading global venture finance strategy to expertise in building successful bio ventures. Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and direction for research and plays a key role in guiding and prioritizing LeadInvent Pharma's investment and go to market strategy.


Dr. Martin Haemmig

Specializes as international innovation & commercialization researcher, lecturer and advisor on "The Globalization of Venture Capital".


Sushil Mehta

Ex- CEO & Advisor Avantor Performance Materials India Ltd. Over 32 years of experience in life sciences industry, with leading global healthcare companies such as Glaxo, Becton Dickinson and Ranbaxy


Dr. Surender Kharbanda

Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. Global expert tumor biology.



Dr. Purvish Parikh

Medical Oncologist & Hematologist Prev. Head of medical oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital.



Solving complex problems requires two key ingredients. A) ability to challenge status quo through out of box thinking and B) by working with leading experts in the field to develop newer methods of treatment. LeadInvent Pharma has established key partnerships with a leading nanoscience centre for molecular medicine to develop unique nanoformulated products and has established strategic partnership with leading hospital based out of the US.


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